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“He is the master gate keeper of our brand.”
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“To say I am a big fan is the understatement of the century. Our brand is exclusively online and maintaining a consistent presence and look is a challenge, Joe handles it magically. Joe is very responsive, creative, and conscientious. He educates you along the way as well and sets everything up so that you have access to change things on a whim (i do that a lot). His understanding of coding along with graphic arts is the perfect blend. He is the master gate keeper of our brand. It is always consistent and on point.”

Jesee Skittrall
Executive Director for the Board of Certified Haircolorists
“I have found Joe to be one of my greatest business partnerships.”
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“In a dynamic environment that is ever-changing with a constant need for relevance, a strong strategic partner is crucial. I have found Joe to be one of my greatest business partnerships. He works hard to understand his customers and represents that understanding in all he does. He is responsive, assertive, proactive, and working with him is enjoyable and stress free. I cannot advocate enough for Below Zero Productions as a preferred business partner for domain and web needs in any industry.”

Joel Taylor
Inflection Weatlh Management CCO
“He always puts out a top notch product.”
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“Joe does an exceptional job and pays attention to the finer details. He always works efficiently to get a project across the finish line quickly and timely. He always puts out a top notch product.”

Celina Totey
Executive Administrative Director Atarashii Apprentice Program LLC
“I believe he will impress you with his work ethics!”
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“The qualities that have impressed me the most about Joe and Below Zero Productions, are the qualities that I did not expect. Joe is literally minutes away (in fact usually less than a minute) - by phone or text - every time I ask him for help. Even when I have gotten myself into technological predicaments that had nothing to do with the management of my website, Joe was there to help guide me and resolve my problems. So far Joe has over delivered and adequately resolved every issue I have presented. ”

Janet Splangler
Owner Janet Spangler Consulting
“Joe is my go-to resource for graphic arts that I didn’t even know I needed.”
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“Joe is my go-to resource for graphic arts that I didn’t even know I needed. I’ve tried to create my own logos, business cards, and graphics and they look like everyone else’s. Joe creates graphics for me that speak to me with a creativity I could never have accessed even if I knew how to create it. I will often report to him and others that I didn’t even know how much I needed this and surprised at the compliments that I get from my customers. I recently gave one of my business cards to a potential customer and that customer immediately turned to a friend of his just to show him how interesting my business card looked and he immediately asked for another card. Never in my life has someone asked me for a second business card.”

Rick Morgan
Immaculate Comics